Clock Gallery Breakfasts

A good breakfast starts the day. It’s no different here at Clock Gallery. Several years at the same address brought us many customers with whom we became friends. They have different professions and interests, but they are united by their love of watches and clocks. And where better to present them to you than at breakfast…

1ST PART: Filip Sychra and Gustav Becker pendulum clocks

Filip Sychra acts, dubs, hosts, recites, dances, sings, directs and teaches. Such experiences reveal that he definitely does not suffer from stage fright, so he was the first one who accept an invitation to join us.

Filip searched for an unusual present. Pendulum clock from the Gustav Becker factory. He founded a clock factory in the middle of the 19th century. From 1888, he also produced them in Broumov. Due to their high quality and handcrafted boxes, they became popular throughout the monarchy and are still sought-after artifacts by many collectors.

2ND PART: Klára Robková and pocket sundial

Klára Robková helps entrepreneurs and families. As an online assistant, she listens to what bothers them, solves what burdens them and takes care of what they can’t do. In short, an ideal guest who works with time.

Lockdown has taught us all that work doesn’t just have to be in the office. Today’s guest, a mother of three children, is an apparent example. She was looking for a way to make money while working from home.

Did you know that people have been telling time by the sun for thousands of years? In Prague, noon was determined by the shadow of the Marian column, and the clocks were adjusted according to it. And that would be so that someone doesn’t think that they don’t have to be drawn only on the wall, but also fit in a pocket. We already know well that they have become indispensable helpers for adventurers and even the smallest scientists.

In the Clock Gallery you will find many types of sundials. For example pocket type. Thanks to their compass, you will know the true solar time and you will never get lost with them.

3RD PART: Miloš Vacík and pocket watch conversions

Painter, poet and musician, whose biggest passion in life are drums. Perhaps it was the rhythm that brought him to the Clock Gallery, where he purchased one of the modified pocket watches. Miloš Vacik.

There are indeed many stairs leading to the Clock Gallery office. Perhaps today’s guest had to overcome many more of them. Growing up surrounded by artists is no fun.

Do you think that pocket watches are long gone? And what about wearing them? Why not? After all, our ancestors already wore them that way. They put them in leather cases or supplemented them with straps. We at Clock Gallery can do it too. Thanks to the steel case with see-throughs, you can admire the mastery of our ancestors up close.

4TH PART: Charles Olivieri-Munroe and Omega Seamaster

This time too we have a very interesting personality for you. He was born in Malta, but he is not a Knight of Malta. He has the best rhythm, but he’s not a dancer. He speaks Czech, but he is not Czech. Today you will meet conductor Charles Olivieri-Munroe.

Omega has become one of the most famous and popular watch brands in the world. The Seamaster series has existed in various types since 1948. It was loosely inspired by watches designed specifically for the British Army at the end of World War II. Thanks to its appearance, practicality and fulfillment of demanding tests, the watch has become so popular that it is sought after in specialized stores and at auctions.

5TH PART: Vladimír Procházka and clocks for theatre

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